Wines to Drink this Summer

In the immortal words of Ella Fitzgerald…. “summer time and the livin’ is easy!”. Ease into summer wines entertaining and take the heat off with these deliciously refreshing summer wine suggestions from Tasting Panellist Adam Walls.



Hunter Valley Semillon, rightly, has a reputation for being a wine style that’s so incredibly unique. What is sometimes overlooked, however, is just how wonderfully refreshing this style of wine can be. Its low alcohol, light body and zippy acid backbone all combine to offer a wine that combats the heat and humidity of an Australian summer and perfectly suits our national obsession with seafood.


Prior to the rise of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, the Sauvignon Blanc Semillon blend or ‘classic dry white’ used to be Australian wine lovers’ go-to white! It’s time that we revisit this lively and dynamic drop. The Sauvignon Blanc offers a bounty of ripe citrus and passionfruit flavours, while Semillon brings the energy and freshness. The high acidity, which is hallmark of this style, ensures refreshment and that’s exactly what we all look for in our summer drinks.

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Prosecco is one of the most popular drinks on the market. Its appeal lies in the fact that it’s so easy to drink. Its light body and bright and refreshing nature make it perfect for sipping in an alfresco environment. It’s not savoury like Champagne or Sparkling wines made in that same fashion, rather it’s a softer and more relaxed style. The fact that you can mix it in cocktails such as a spritz, adds to its appeal.


When faced with the heat of summer, sometimes a little hint of sweetness is just what you need. Moscato is often dismissed as being just a simple sweet drink. However, the great ones balance sweetness and a zippy acidity – all off a light bodied frame. And, it’s this light bodied frame that makes it so enjoyable to sip when the heat is turned up.

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The famed red grape of Spain is currently one of the most-widely enjoyed ‘alternative’ varieties in Australia. It’s dark in colour and full of fruit expression which makes it effortless to enjoy. It’s a fantastic match with barbeque fare which makes it perfect for summer alfresco entertaining. The fact that it comes in a range of styles from mid-weight to full-bodied means there’s a Tempranillo to suit every occasion and every palate.


Summer is the time for outdoor eating, and our favourite way of cooking when outdoors is, of course, a barbeque. Given this, it would be remiss of us not to include a Shiraz, as not only is it Australia’s favourite red variety, it also suits flame-kissed food better than most. Some people may go for lighter-bodied styles like Hunter Valley Shiraz, then others might opt for the big, bold, iconic wines from the Barossa Valley. Either way, you are onto a winner.

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