Top Wines to Drink This Winter

The crackle of the fire, the howl of the wind outside, the aroma of homecooked meals wafting through the house… and a delicious glass of wine to savour it all with. Honestly, there’s no season quite like winter for indulgent pleasures.


With that in mind, we’ve put together some of our favourite winter flavours for you to relish as the cold kicks. From new wave flavours to beautifully-aged wines, here are our top selections for the perfect winter warmers!


Travel through the full spectrum of red flavours this winter with the Delicate to Decadent Reds selection, offering something for every mood or meal. From elegant expressions like the Margan Merlot – a soft and earthy red with pepper and chocolate complexity – to extravagant wines like the rich and concentrated Baileys of Glenrowan Durif 2013, it’s a selection to see you through the sunniest or most sombre winter days.

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Embark on a winter adventure with these fabulous varietals from some of Australia’s best-suited regions for Mediterranean-inspired styles. Featuring a range of wines with flavour profiles that are the ideal match for the colder months – and are fabulously food-friendly – like the powerful and rich F. Calabria Founder’s Series Montepulciano 2018 and the rare tang of the Borrowed Cuttings Piquepoul Blanc, this selection is the perfect opportunity to discover new worlds from the comfort of your fireside.


Outside Portugal and Spain, Australia is one of the premier producers of fortified wine in the world. And there’s no better time to relish their pleasures than in winter! Featuring the decadent Rutherglen Estates Muscat NV, the plush Stone Bridge Bowerbird Old Tawny and the dense, rich Woodstock Vintage Fortified Cabernet Sauvignon 2016, it’s the ideal treat to follow up a winter’s feast! Truly, winter + fortified = LOVE!

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Nothing beats these classic red varieties when it comes to winter wind downs! Stoke the fire and kick back with these selections of highly-awarded Cabernet and Shiraz, full to the brim with Trophy and Gold medal-winning expressions from some of Australia’s most exciting winemakers. You’ll be stunned by the Trophy and 4 x Gold medal-winning Montrose Black Shiraz 2018 – recognised as the best NSW Shiraz of its vintage – and will cheer for the fabulously bold Robert Oatley Signature Series Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon 2017, but the riches certainly don’t stop there. If you’re a lover of red, do yourself a favour and snap these solid gold collections up before they sell out!


Winter doesn’t always have to be about the hefty reds. It’s also a great time to cosy up with some exquisitely aged white wines, to revel in their texture and added complexity. Perfect to share with that special someone or to break out for radiant occasions, every wine in this selection has been aged for a minimum of 5 years – meaning the cellaring has been done for you! Indeed, the 2 x Trophy and 6 x Gold medal-winning McWilliam’s 842 Chardonnay 2015, or the delectable 3 x Gold medal-winning Dandelion Vineyards Enchanted Garden of the Eden Valley 2015, are extravagant and delicious ways to while away those winter afternoons… so slip on your Uggs and treat your tastebuds!

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