Sparkling Wines to Ring

Wines How can you possibly ring in the New Year without a glass of sparkling wine? If you normally skip out on this New Year’s tradition, chances are you probably haven’t found the bubbly for you yet. Luckily, Marketview Liquor stocks a wide variety of sparkling wine for New Year’s Eve.


From the driest of tastes to bold fruit flavors, we can help you discover a sparkling wine to entertain your taste buds. Here is our list of the top sparkling wines to pop open just after midnight.

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Brut Champagne

Champagne is an extremely popular French sparkling wine for the New Year. While locations vary during the fermenting process, most Champagnes feature grapes of the Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay variety.

Brut Champagne is an ideal sparkling wine option for those who enjoy a dry aroma. This beverage carries lower sugar levels for an unrefined experience. Ordering a bottle of Brut Champagne is suitable for a New Year’s Eve party, as this option is one of the most common sparkling wines available to consumers.

We recommend the Wycliff Brut Champagne for large get-togethers. This sparkling wine is dry, but it’s extremely smooth on the palate for pairing with appetizers like cheese, crackers and meats. At an affordable price point, there’s plenty to go around.

Additionally, we encourage customers to consider the Marquis de la Tour Brut Champagne this year. Fans of full-bodied wines will appreciate its almond aroma with a slight fruit aftertaste. This is another great value for celebrations with friends and family.


Prosecco sparkling wines are an excellent choice for those looking for a sweeter tasting celebration. These types of sparkling wines feature grapes that ferment in a tank instead of the bottle, resulting in a beverage full of bold flavors around favorite fruits.

If you place an order for the Cupcake Prosecco, you and your guests will experience a taste of peaches and nectarines for a fun evening of games, conversation and snacking. Surprisingly, Prosecco is a food-friendly sparkling wine. Try anything from spicy entrees to salty chips, and the sparkling wine will keep you refreshed.

Cava Sparkling Wine

Cava sparkling wines are a perfect parallel to Champagnes at a fraction of the price. These sparkling wines provide a focused aroma of almond, hazelnut and smoke for a range of flavors. Cava is ideal for a New Year’s Eve party, as bottles are less expensive than high-end Champagnes but offer that same bubbly background. It’s considered a Spanish sparkling wine with the traditional fermenting process of Champagne.

Cara sparkling wines are available in a range of dry and sweet tastes. The Jaume Serra Cristalino Brut Cava resembles a Brut Champagne with origins of northeast Spain.

If you’re looking for a balance of sweet and dry tastes, order a bottle of Freixenet Carta Nevada Semi Dry Cava from our online store. This sparkling wine has a toasty aroma with a hint of sweet peaches and custard in every sip.

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Place an Order for New Year’s Eve Sparkling Wine

Kicking off the New Year should start with a bottle of sparkling wine. Make Marketview Liquor your one-stop-shop this holiday season — we stock substantial wines and spirits for celebrations with friends and family. Browse New Year’s Eve sparkling wines online today.

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