Fun & Games over a Glass of wine

With the current limitations on going out, coming up with ideas to keep the home-based fun alive can be a challenge. So, to ensure you and your socially distancing friends and family can enjoy endless hours of entertainment, here are some of our favourite games you can play while enjoying a delicious drop of vino.




Who doesn’t love to spend an hour or so around a board game? Pull out the classics like Monopoly, Scrabble, Squatter, and Trivial Pursuit for some good old-fashioned fun, or take things to another realm with Game of Thrones, Star Wars Outer Ring, or Pandemic Legacy: Season 1.

Ideal wine match: You want the game to the complicating factor, so make your wine pick something simple and delicious – we suggest Sauvignon Blanc or Merlot.


Everyone has a pack of cards kicking around at home, so make good use of them and call a card game. From Poker, Blackjack, Bridge, Euchre and 500 to Go Fish and Snap, there is a card game for every level from the professionals to the party-only players.

Ideal wine match: Engage your brain with something of matching depth and longevity, like an aged Shiraz or Cabernet.

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Am I on TV? Am I alive? Am I a movie star?  Am I a scientist? Am I a female? Asking questions that can only be answered ‘yes’ or ‘no’, guess your celebrity name to win. There are numerous Celebrity Head games and kits, but an easy version is players simply write a selection of celebrity names on post-it-notes that are then drawn from a hat without looking and stuck on their forehead. Players take turns in asking questions to determine what famous person’s name is stuck on their forehead. For every “yes” answer you gain, you are permitted in asking another question. First person to guess correctly wins!

Ideal wine match: Hit the red carpet with a glassy of something fabulous like a beautiful Aussie bubbly.


Charades is probably one of the funniest games to play over a glass of wine or two. The term charade was borrowed into English from French in the second half of the 18th century, denoting a “kind of riddle in which each syllable of a word, or a complete word or phrase, is enigmatically described or dramatically represented”. The best things about charades are:
1. It can be played any time and any place.

2. You don’t need any equipment

3. You don’t even have to be a good actor

4. It provides endless belly laughs

Ideal wine match: We recommend something full-bodied to stand up to the inevitable family feud – try a Shiraz or Chardonnay.


Really get to know your family or friends with a game of Truth or Dare. Is it better to spill a secret or do something very silly instead?

Ideal wine match: Start off with something spritzy, fruity and fun like a Prosecco then maybe move onto a dark and brooding Montepulciano depending on the mood of the game.



From Finland this fun game involves tossing a small wooden log to knock down wooden pegs that are numbered and standing upright. Played in teams, the aim is the first to get to the exact score of 50, but if you go over, you have to start from zero again. It really is harder than it sounds! Every game of Finska is different and requires both strategy and skill to claim victory.

Ideal wine match: Playing out in the sun can be thirsty work, so choose a style that is lighter in alcohol like a Moscato or Rosé.

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Just like tabletop Jenga, but on steroids, Giant Jenja is perfect for outdoor or indoor entertainment. The aim of the game is to take one block at a time from the Giant Jenjo tower. However, you can only do so by using one hand and without taking out a block from the top two levels. If the tower falls while taking out a block then the other person wins the game.

Ideal wine match: Styles with some muscle to help move those heavy blocks.


Whether it’s French boules/pétanque or Italian bocce, get the ball rolling and the conversation and wine flowing. A gorgeous tree-lined crushed-gravel court would be perfect, but in the real world, any patch of dirt, driveway or lawn will do the job.

Ideal wine match: Create a delicious atmosphere with ArneisFiano or Pinot G for the white wine lovers and Pinot NoirDolcetto or Nebbiolo for those who prefer reds.


A game where it really does pay to be a ‘tosser’. Test you throwing skills and distance estimations with a classic game of quoits. Simply throw metal, rope or rubber rings over a set distance to land over or near a spike (sometimes called a hob, mott or pin).

Ideal wine match: Anything that keeps that throwing arm on track.


A blast from the past, Hookey is similar to darts, minus the sharp bits and much safer, especially if you’re enjoying a glass of wine. Hang the Hookey board on the verandah, garage wall or fence and get those rubber rings onto the numbered hooks. Standard rules are race to 101, but like most of these timeless games, everyone has their variations.

Ideal wine match: Your favourite casual drop for a relaxed and stress-free match.

Make up your own rules, have fun, and if you can’t be together, hosting a virtual games night is a great alternative to having everyone in the same room. Whichever game you choose, enjoy yourself with your favourite Aussie wine in hand, and please remember to drink responsibly!

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