10 Reason to Love Rose

Versatile, refreshing and absolutely delicious, there is so much to love about Rosé! A style of wine rather than a variety, it has come a long way since those sickly-sweet wines of yesterday to emerge as an anytime, anywhere, food-friendly treat. Love

Australian Rosé is now decidedly dry, savoury and textural and its easy-drinking nature make it a perfect match to our laidback lifestyle. Here are our top 10 reasons to stop and smell the Rosé.

1. World-class Aussie expressions
Australia is producing some absolutely top-notch Rosés that give the European drops a run for their money. Today, Aussie winemakers are experimenting with different techniques and grape varieties in order to make more complex and multi-layered Rosés.

“Up until a few years ago, Australian winemakers made Rosé as an after-thought,” says Tasting Panellist Adam Walls. “Whereas now, the wines are being made deliberately, with designated parcels of fruit that have been picked specifically to be turned into Rosé.”


2. A wine for all seasons
Whether you’re soaking up the spring sunshine, escaping the summer heat, or cosying up in front of the fire, Rosé is a wine for all seasons.

3. Loves to chill out
Neither red nor white, Rosé is essentially a pink wine made from red grapes, with minimal skin contact, in the style of a white wine. Like most white wines, Rosés are best served chilled.

4. No need for cellaring
What’s also great about this joyous drop, is that it is a ‘drink now’ style and doesn’t need to be cellared. That means there is no wait time and you can enjoy these blushing beauties soon after release.

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5. Palate pleasers
While most Australian Rosé is made in a dry style, there are off-dry and sweeter examples, so there is a Rosé to suit every palate.  Pinot Noir-based Rosé can be depended on to deliver good quality with soft, easy characteristics of plums, spice and an array of savoury fruits. Sangiovese typically produces drier styles of Rosé, with savoury cherry flavours. Cabernet Rosés offer bright berry flavours, often with a leafy, herby edge. Grenache-based Rosé has emerged; these wines tend to be sweeter, fuller and offer a vast array of berry-based fruit flavours.

6. Incredibly food-friendly
From fresh salads, seafood, antipasto and tapas, to a seriously good steak, Rosé pairs well with a huge range of food styles and dishes.

7. An alternative to whites and reds
Rosé’s reputation has soared, not to mention its suitability to match the Australian climate as it makes a great alternative to a chilled white or a lighter bodied red. It also provides a great segway from drinking whites and moving into reds.

8. No two wines taste the same
Given how many different varieties can be used to make Rosé, no two wines taste the same, so there is always something new to explore and enjoy. While they’re usually made in the same way, the biggest differences are the variety, where it comes from, residual sugar and alcohol level.

9. From brunch and lunch to dinner and dessert
The vast range of Rosé flavour profiles and its relatively low alcohol content make it a wine to be enjoyed day or night. From brunch and lunch to dinner and dessert, Rosé has every situation or celebration covered.

10. Rosé is delicious 
No further explanation is needed!

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